We are a Company dedicated to the health and beauty of Koi Ponds and Freshwater Aquariums.

Mel Tech Services is the owner, operator and creator of Forever Clear Water Clarifier for Koi Ponds and Freshwater Aquariums.  This water clarifier is completely safe for your fish and the environment.  Our goal is to provide you with a Product and knowledge on how to achieve and keep a crystal clear pond or aquarium.

Do you have problems with your Koi Pond or Aquarium, such as water clarity, algae growth, sick fish, bad odor?  We have also dealt with these problems and after years of trying many of the products on the market with no success, we invented our own Product, Forever Clear.

Our Koi Pond hobby started over 15 years ago.  The pond would work well for a period of time and then just turn green.  There is nothing more frustrating than doing your general maintenance and still have green, murky and unhealthy pond water. We have employed filtering systems, UV Lights, bacteria, algaecides and many other products, but none of these worked continuously.  There seemed to be a missing link.

Have no fear the solution is right here!

3 Main Steps to a Crystal Clear Pond



    The tranquility and peace of sitting by your Koi Pond can quickly "turn green" with frustration. Forever Clear is the key component in your maintenance. Now just sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty a Koi Pond can truly bring you.



    Freshwater Aquariums can be a lively addition to any home. Regular maintenance is necessary but still may not be enough to keep it from becoming murky. Forever Clear is the solution to keeping a healthy aquarium with minimal effort.

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    We Specialize in Design and Installation of Filtration Systems for new or existing Koi Ponds and Water Features. We take great pride in our craftsmanship on all installations. Our work is unmatched by anyone.

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